Monday, 10 June 2013

Benefit cap Q&A in London, June 24

I just received this email vi
Haringey Solidarity Group's anti-benefit cap campaign:

"we are holding a street training session on monday 24th june between 7 and 9pm, at the Phoenix Millenium Centre,   about the benefit cap.

The training session is for hsg members in general who might be asked about the benefit cap while they are out being active on any issues. You will not be asked to get involved with the anti-benefit cap campaign itself.

Questions to be amswered: where does the cap fit in with welfare changes ?, is it the same as the bedroom tax ?, will i have my benefits capped ?, how can i stop it happening ?, haringey say i have to move/get a job but i don't want to move and can't find work what can i do ?, is it my fault ?, is it just another tax ? why aren't my friends in Brent aren't being capped ? what's it all about..... ?

Come and explore the answers to these and any other questions there may be...."

Although it is "for members" they are an open & helpful group that has been working with benefits claimants for years so, if you are on benefits and want to inform & empower yourself, you will surely be welcomed.

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