Monday, 24 September 2012

Who da Bosso?

This entry I'm putting the spotlight on a team of guerilla installation artists who are, to say the least, highly visible in the local area.  Barely a day goes by without me spotting a new work by Bosso Fataka and you might know them yourself.

The fruit of their wild imaginations have seeded East Berlin with spatially complex mutants made of found objects, connected with cling film and bound to the nearest stationary object, like giants insects in an web.  

The positioning of the works isn't random and the execution is obviously well-planned with the intention of subverting whichever environment the artists choose to ambush work with.

Most of the works have a surreally dark humour to them and feature mutants, dismembered mannequins and blood spatters.

Lately Bosso seems to be getting a lot more 'in yer face'.  A cluster of new oddities line  Karl Marx Allee and a sports center in Landsberger Allee looks like Bosso went kind of postal on it...

There are dozens of other works featured on Bosso's  Facebook page too, ranging from the silly to the awesome.  I could probably have an interesting day out, just wandering around the city and looking for Bosso works to snap.  But try not to get too close, or you could find yourself in a bind...

I wanted to put more pics with this entry but unfortunately, they wouldn't upload on the new Blogger picture tool.  The ones I managed to upload look pretty bad too, apologies for that.  Let's all just thank Google for another brilliant upgrade!!


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