Friday, 3 February 2012

Mutant Models at Goerlitzer Bahnhof

My friend Neil and I were well confused by the new array of light box ads in Goerlitzer Bahnhof, Kreuzberg. Photos of models striking sophisticated, sexy poses had had their flawless skin disfigured by sweeping brush streaks. Wearing come-hither expressions on their mutant faces, the models were transformed into zombie eye-candy.

Neil's first impression was that the light boxes were the work of a street artist but then we spotted a brand name at the bottom of the ads and started to wonder: could they be part of a new, guerrilla advertising campaign? Thankfully, they're not. The mutant light boxes are actually the works of Berlin-based ad-buster Vermibus.

I would love to know how Vermibus gets inside those boxes! Neil and I spent a good few minutes searching them for openings or cracks where the ads could be slipped in or out, but we couldn't find any. I guess it's possible that Vermibus is just a disgruntled (but creative) light box maintenance worker!

Words © Alexia E. Elliott

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