Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ode to a Diamant

When I lived in London I had a customized 400 euro bike with 20 speeds and 3 different kinds of suspension. Nowadays, I rattle along on a single-speed Diamant from 1989. When I'm rolling over the cobblestone streets that comprise our local infrastructure, I can hear squeaks and creaks springing from 25 different places on its frame, like a bullet-riddled boat taking on water. Part of me is always waiting for the day when the vibrations finally shatter my bike, throwing me to the ground amid a hail of flattened screws, rusty spokes and bent fenders. Suspense is all part of the fun of owning a Diamant.

But for all the noise my bike makes, it feels too solid to ever break. Something stronger than metal binds it together- willpower maybe... or love...? I love the way that my bike matches the garish geometric patterns painted on the sides of the local plattenbauten, making me feel like I'm riding through Lego City. It transports me to an undemanding toy world where A always leads to B and there are no variables or worries.

My bike is as basic as they come and flaunts it, in a loud, acid orange paint-job. It's content to do without any bells or whistles - it makes enough noise as it is. Basically, it's a lot like its owner.


  1. nice bikeee!!

  2. Danke, ich liebe auch meine rad:)

  3. Hey Alexia

    I found your blog really useful and wanted to ask you some questions about moving to Berlin. I found the best way is to ask expats.


  4. That's what I like to hear:) Post your Q's here and I'll try to help you out!


  5. Awesome :)

    How do the prices compare to London for rent and food? I want to minimize costs to focus on creative stuff etc...

    Other bit...
    what kind of paperwork is there if I want to move over there as a uk citizen?


  6. Hey, thats awesome :)

    ( I think my earlier post didnt come through )

    I am moving over from London area because its cheaper so I can focus on more creative stuff. Im sure thats the same with you?

    Only two things I was thinking about are.
    What kind of papers, documents do I need to get/sign to move over?

    And what are the prices like compared to london?
    ive heard its quite affordable and I am somewhat buddist in my approach to material possessions so that makes it better :)



  7. Hi George, to answer your Q's:
    1) No paperwork needed to move here from the UK except your passport. You do have to register at the local 'council' office within two weeks of renting a place. It's easy and if you don't do it you're not legally here, so...

    2) Cost of living is far less than London, so you can live here without too much of a hard slog. If you want to know more about the creative stuff I cover it here and in my other blog (link's on the left)

    Knowing some German is necessary eventually, unlike what some people would have you believe, so you should look for lessons when you arrive.

    Good luck!

  8. thats cool everything I wanted to hear.
    thanks for replying.

    Can you give me any numbers on rent/food etc>?