Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Second Blog

I have created a second blog called The Club Alien which will be devoted exclusively to publishing reviews of clubs, parties, gigs, etc. While Blogger is good, it doesn't allow me to divide my blog into sections like I want to so this was a necessary step to take. I will continue to publish on Fleeting Reams as well and the writing on both blogs will be equally good, so if you've been reading or following Fleeting Reams, please take a minute to bookmark and/or follow The Club Alien too. It took a lot of work to set up so promise me you'll take a minute to read it, okay? Okay! That's all the high pressure sales I'm going to subject you to today ;)

Oh and one last thing: The Club Alien also contains an archive of my previously published reviews which cannot be found elsewhere, as most of them originally appeared in print.

Over and out!

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